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Chateau du Mont Terms & Conditions

These are our standard terms and conditions and apply unless we have agreed any changes which will be set out in the rental confirmation, or if you used an agent which provided their own terms and conditions.

The rental of the properties on the” Le Mont” estate is done by a French company – Le Domaine du Mont SARL.

Your rental consists of full use of the chateau and pool house including the pool, and the chateau grounds (but not any other buildings within the grounds). The chateau will be clean with all the beds made up for your group and towels provided – including swimming towels. We provide no cleaning, catering or concierge service during your stay with the exception of the pool which will be cleaned at least once every 2 days. Our estate manager lives in a house in the grounds and will receive you on your arrival and show you round and will help with any problems you have with the chateau and poolhouse during your stay. They may also need to access the chateau and poolhouse for housekeeping and maintenance reasons during your stay.

Rental Period. Unless explicitly agreed in advance, the rental period starts at 5pm on the first day of the rental period and ends at 10am on the last day. It is difficult for us to be flexible on this as there is a full cleaning schedule which must be adhered to.

Payment Policy. The rental is confirmed on receipt by the agent of a booking deposit. The remainder is due two months before the rental period. If payment of the balance of the full rental amount is not received when due, the company reserves the right to remarket the property and will not refund the booking deposit.

Cancellation policy. Normally no refund is made for cancelled bookings, unless cancellation is made more than 12 months before the beginning of the rental period. However the company will try to find an alternative booking on a best efforts basis, and if successful a partial refund can be considered.

Security Deposit. A security deposit of E1,500 is required (E2,000 if the farm is also rented). This must be received 2 weeks before the beginning of the rental period. If the deposit is not received by then, entrance to the property will not be allowed until the deposit has been received in cleared funds. The security deposit will be repaid by the Company to the client after the end of the rental period subject to deductions for breakages, damages, missing items and the cost of any fuel that has been used. The Client's liability for any such damage or loss etc. is not limited to the amount of the security deposit.

Rental Group. The size of the rental group agreed at the time of booking must be observed, with no drop-in guests without prior approval. The members of the rental group party must not change during the rental period (although there can be early departures) without prior approval.

Swimming Pool. The pool is normally available for use by clients of the chateau from the 1st June until the end of September, unless alternative arrangements for a particular booking are made in advance. The pool is heated to a minimum of 26C. Should a higher temperature be required, the cost of the extra heating passed on to the client. The swimming pool controls must not be touched by the client, nor the pool robot.

Fountains. Please ask THE ESTATE MANAGER if you would like to have the fountain on.

Linen. All the beds will be made up with clean sheets and towels provided on arrival. If the rental period is for more than 8 days, the sheets and towels will be changed every 7 days.

The Estate manager. She lives in the grounds in her own cottage, and has the right of entry to the property at any time. Staff may well need to use the scullery to do the laundry and other cleaning work during the rental period. 

Exclusive Use. During the rental period the Client has exclusive use of the Rental Property and the garden. This does not grant the client access to any of the other properties and grounds on the estate with the exception of the stable block (by the pool), the children’s house, and the chapel to which the client has free access. However the staff has the right of access to all parts of the estate at any time to perform their duties. Some of their duties may well create some disturbance such as grass cutting. Whilst every effort will be made to minimise such disturbance, such work cannot be postponed to any great extent.

Heating. The Rental Properties will also be heated if necessary such that they are warm on arrival and throughout the rental period. The cost of the central heating is for the account of the client whilst firewood will be made available free of charge. The only two usable fireplaces are the large fireplace on the garden floor in the chateau and the main fireplace in the farmhouse.

Sanitation. The estate’s drainage is by septic tank. This is a perfectly adequate system if used correctly. The Client must be careful about what goes down the sinks and toilets as solid items such as sanitary products, baby wipes etc will block the system.

Rubbish: All rubbish should be placed in the bins at the top of the stairs outside the laundry room door. They will be emptied regularly. However the tops of the bins should be left on securely at all times. Please note that bottles, cans, paper and cardboard cartons must NOT be put in the general rubbish as they are recycled. A receptacle for these items is left outside the scullery. The local council is very strict about recycling and will fine us if recyclable waste is mixed with general waste. If we have to separate out recyclable waste for you, there will be an additional charge.

Cleaning The House on Departure. the chateau takes a great deal of preparation for the arrival of guests and this has to be achieved between 10.00am and 5.00pm on the changeover day. The client should therefore ensure that:

• All used sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and towels are left by the kitchen. • The lavatories and baths are left clean.
• The kitchen is left clear and wiped down.
• The dishwasher is emptied

• All rubbish is left in the dustbins
All the above can be done by the cleaning staff, but there will be an extra charge based on time taken and advance notice of this would be appreciated.
It is requested that the client makes a list of any breakages or malfunctioning items which is left with the estate manager.


Le Domaine du Mont SARL warrants that:
· The rental properties are as described on the website to be found on
· The Rental Properties are fully furnished and there will be hot water.
· The Rental Properties will be cleaned for the arrival of the client.
Although the Company’s best endeavours will be used to ensure that the Client's stay will be satisfactory, it cannot be held responsible for unforeseen problems such as flood, utility failure etc.

Guidelines and Rules:
The Client undertakes to observe the following guidelines and rules in addition to the terms and conditions mentioned above:

• To exercise a duty of care over the rental properties and their fixtures and fittings.
• Not to drive or park on the grass at any time
 Children under 16 are never to be left unaccompanied in the chateau
• Please do not touch heating controls other than the temperature of the radiator/room

• Right of access is only granted during the rental period. Visits to the property before

rental are only with the prior permission of the owner and subsequent arrangement

with the estate manager.
• No animals of any kind are to be brought on to the estate without prior approval.
• No smoking in any of the properties.
• Please do not move any furniture
• Ball games are only allowed in the outer avenue.
• Please do not touch any of the garden equipment, outside taps, floodlights etc.
• Please do not to touch the shutters except for the internal ones on the top floor of the


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